Anti Glenn Beck Petition

Dear friends,
As you may know, right-wing talk show hosts have been bringing race-based fear mongering into the mainstream, but FOX’s Glenn Beck just took it to another level. On Tuesday, Beck said:

This president has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again who has a deep-seated hatred for white people… this guy is, I believe, a racist.
It’s part of a larger argument Beck has been making: that President Obama wants to serve the needs of Black communities at White people’s expense. This kind of talk stirs up fear, hate, and it can lead to violence.

I’ve joined’s effort to stop Glenn Beck. ColorOfChange is already putting calls into Beck’s advertisers, asking them if they want to be associated with this kind of racist hate and fear-mongering. When the advertisers see that tens of thousands of us are behind that question, I believe they’ll move their advertising dollars elsewhere, and his show and platform will be history.

Will you take a stand and be counted, and invite your friends and family to do the same? It takes just a moment:

Glenn Beck is appealing to the worst in America. Of course, some Americans refuse to accept the fact that our president is Black or the idea that he could truly serve all Americans. But the only way these views fade away is if they’re not reinforced by mainstream society. Instead, folks like Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Rush Limbaugh are exploiting racism and race-based fear to bump their ratings, stirring up racial discord in the process.

The dangers of these tactics are real. We saw the same dynamic during the presidential race: By the end, the McCain/Palin campaign was unable to control the violent energy whipped up by their race-baiting. It resulted in an unprecedented number of threats on Obama’s life, a rise in the number of hate groups, and an increase in the number of threats and crimes against immigrants and Black people.

FOX has a horrible track record on pushing racist propaganda, but Glenn Beck appears to be taking the network to an even lower standard. He’s trying to divide and distract America when we should be coming together and talking about issues that really matter–like health care and the economy.

The good news is that we have the power to stop this. All major media is funded by advertising. And advertisers care more than anything what consumers think. If we want to change what’s happening and put an end to folks like Glenn Beck having a platform, we can do it.

It’s up to us, and it can start now. Please join me:


Here are some links to more info:

“Beck: Obama has ‘exposed himself as a guy’ with ‘a deep seated hatred for white people'”

“Glenn Beck: Obama agenda driven by ‘reparations’ and desire to ‘settle old racial scores'”

“MSNBC’s Deutsch encourages viewers to demand advertisers on Beck’s show spend money elsewhere”

“On Television and Radio, Talk of Obama’s Citizenship”


57 thoughts on “Anti Glenn Beck Petition

  1. Navycook

    I don’t believe that you guys are hearing the whole story with glenn beck, if you would take the time to actually watch his show everynight instead of watching video bits of his then you will actually see that he is not a racist. He is against anybody who is not for supporting the Constitution. It doesn’t matter if they are black, white, asian. If they are extreme radical people who are trying to change the values that this country was founded on then he doesn’t want them in power. Check out “the 9/12 project” or the “IN or Out” if you havent already done so and you will see.

    1. sam

      I have watched the Glenn Beck show. I am a retired psychiatric nurse, and he exhibits as many, if not more, signs and symptoms of mental instability, than the patients I cared for. Did you watch his explanation of an art piece? He gave his interpretation of the true meaning hidden there, that apparently, only he understands. And it was bad, and evil, and menacing. Watch out America, Glenn Beck is out to uncover the truth, one neurosis at a time. Get that guy a padded room, a psychiatric exam, and some psychotropic assistance, while he gets his paranoia under control! Holy Christmas, You believe that idiot?

    2. Kim

      First off get an education. Second, you are the enemy of PEACE. Third, FOX NEWS isn’t a source of fair or balanced information. Read up on the SPJ code of ethics. Do no harm, that means not inciting violence. And if you think global warming isn’t real then move to another planet. Go to Mars, it’s a preview of the world you’re living in. Mars, it has 95%CO2 and 3% N2 temperatures range from -125 c to the high of +25 c This world needs less lunatics like you. Get educated.

      1. Navycook

        No, first off you need to get educated. Second, i’m not an enemy of peace, i think that if we can live in a world of peace that would be great but living in that imaginary bubble that you are living in is dangerous. There will always be some sort of threat either internationaly or domestic. Third, Fox News is not inciting violence. Every protest that Fox News supporters have had were anything but violent. Look them up! You will see peaceful, everyday Americans speaking thier minds. If you want to see a violent protest look up the video of the G20 summit in Philly. Also, here is the preamble to the SPJ code of ethics:Preamble
        Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility. Members of the Society share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the Society’s principles and standards of practice.

        If anybody is avoiding the truth when it comes to the news it’s MSNBC. They are the worst offenders. If my memory serves me right, they were the ones that started throwing the race card around and calling the Tea Party protesters “Tea Baggers”. If that’s not an example of inciting verbal violence then what is?

        As far as the Global warming, do you have to use the most far and extreme example of what supposodly can happen to this planet by saying that we are going to end up like Mars. Do you really think that that is going to happen? And how long would it take for it to happen? Our generation, the next generation, the one after that or how about the one after that. Do you really know? Or is it all speculation. How is it that in a 30 year period we go from having the idea that the Earth is cooling to the Earth is warming at a insane rate. If anything, in the last 30 years we have done more to keep the Earth from warming that in any amount of years prior to the 70’s. I am all for recycling and using clean energy as an alternative fuel but, to force people against thier will to do these things is unconstitutional. If there is no real fact to this global warming thing then don’t force it unto people.

      2. Landon

        Kim and Sam, don’t tell Navycook to get an education. You need to and Sam, no wonder you are retired, because you arent making very good calls. If you think Glenn is crazy well look in a FREAKING mirror, you would learn something.

    3. Landon

      Exactly! When you call him racist, biased, radical, crazy, etc I will say without a shadow of doubt you are misinformed and confused.

      Fox News isn’t right winged, it is straight. You have gotten so used to the left wing CNN, ABC, MSNBC, you think the are right winged, but they aren’t.

    4. kristin

      if you would think for yourself instead of buying into what this ridiculous guy says, i think you’d probably find that you don’t agree.

      i don’t need to watch his show, because all he does is lie (just like at his ‘rally’). he is counting on the viewers or listeners of his show to not have a brain of their own and to just blindly follow what he is saying.

      nothing like loving a guy who talks about how much he hates the victims families of 9/11 and katrina. way to be an american, glenn. what a role model.

      1. kristin

        and my response to them being straight – WTH! of course they aren’t. they were all about bush (because he’s a republican) and hate obama, for the opposite reason. watch outfoxed and get the real story…

        fair and balanced says fox news. yeah. right.

    1. Shut the crap up Glenn Beck isnt no @$$hole, if anything you are. I am sick of you filthy stupid Americans who think everything comes to you on a silver platter from the government, grow up. I am a very very youn teen, and is this the life you want your childern and mine to grow up in where a country is so far in debt it cant repay it if it didnt spend a dime for 10 years. Where the government is controling everything. What has happend to capatalism? I had dreams of being President but now i think how mind bogilingly overwhelming it would be with debt. I hope you Democrats, Liberals, and commys get what you want because i think u are about to get it.

    2. Landon

      You say the burden of proof is on NavyCook (who seems right up until now) and myself, well I am up to it. You must be shown the truth, because obliviously you don’t know it.

    3. kristin

      GB is a total prick. he shouldnt be allowed to be on a channel that has a news logo in the corner, as people without the ability to think for themselves will take it as news and never turn on another channel to see how fox news lies to viewers all day long.

  2. Navycook

    In Glenn Beck’s book “An Inconvenient Book” on page 82 he says, and i quote,”I also care about people having every opportunity to succeed financially if they work hard. No one should ever face an uphill battle simply because of race,gender,or anything else other than merit.” if that’s not good enough then you are a closed minded radical extremist just like most of the people that Obama chooses to surround himself with.

    1. well that certainly contradicts his statements concerning our president now doesn’t it. who is to say what he really believes and what he says just to get a reaction. he should be taken off the air because he is not doing his job as a journalist to inform the people instead of spreading hatred, racism and lies.

  3. Navycook

    why do you always have to pull the race card, why can’t it be about a persons idea’s or actions. I admit this country has a problem with race. The history show’s it, and to deny that is just wrong. But when it comes down to governing this country based off of the ideas and principles of the founding fathers who wanted to separate themselves from a government (ie: England) who had entirely to much controll over its people, we must all work together to keep this tyranny from taking place. The ideas and policies taking place right now are compromising our basic freedoms. If you do not care about your freedoms then move to CHINA or Venezuala. Live over there for a few years and i guarentee that you will be crawling back to the great U.S. of A . I have been to 16 different countries when i was in the Navy and i saw alot of things i would have not liked to see. After traveling the world i reallized that as much as we think we have it hard here, it could be alot worse. The question is, Do You Want It To Get Worse. If the answer is no, then please open your eyes and do something about it.

    1. The GOP and GWB have done more to erode our freedoms and increase tyranny than Obama will ever do. I never thought that Obama would fix the core problems with our systems of governance, or properly address the treasonous things that took place, only he would try to put us on the right path again. One example is our transition away from oil and gas. If we don’t find a sustainable solution for our energy needs it won’t matter what the fuck type of government we have because it will all fall apart when the food runs out.

      1. Navycook

        we don’t need to transition away from oil and gas, we need to transition away from our foriegn dependency on it, thats where all the problems are comming from

      2. there is no long term solution that involves oil and gas. the world wide supply is running out and won’t last a 100 years at the current rate of consumption. so yes it does mean we need a sustainable (renewable) solution.

      3. Landon

        You freaking dumb butt, how can you say that. It was Obama who is pushing healthcare with no public option, taking a freedom away. It is the Democratic party who with the majority ruled we cant drill for oil off the coasts. FYI (For Your Info) we have plenty of oil off the coasts, we are just sucking the Middle East dry.

        Name one thing the GOP did.

      4. Landon

        Navycookie is right why are we listening to the hippies, when we have oil off the shores hmmm, answer that will you!

    2. sam

      Of course we don’t want it to get worse! The extreme measures the President has taken have been necessary to reverse the financial free fall we were in.. He is intelligent, and is beginning to turn things around, even while the opposition has done everything to hinder progress, and absolutely nothing to help! My eyes are open! what you suggest is suborning treason! It is my country, and my constitution too! Terrorist threats will not be taken lightly. Try doing something constructive for a change!

      1. Landon

        Did you write Obama as intelligent, or do my eyes decieve me? Did you say he is trying to reverse the financial freefal, or do my eyes decieve me? Did you say he is turning things around, or do my eyes decieve me? Did you say the opposition has stood in his way or do my eyes decieve me? Did you say Navycook is suborning treason or do my FREAKING EYES DECIEVE ME OR DO YOU HAVE A SERIOUS ISSUE.

        1. Obama isn’t hardly intelligent, ex. Stimulus(didn’t work) Healthcare (won’t work) 30,000 Troops (Stupid)

        2. He isn’t hardly trying to reverse the freefall, more like cut the parachute off so we wont have as much weight when we fall and we won’t have to carry ist weight. ex. GOVERNMENT SPENDING, HEALTHCARE, BAILOUTS

        3. Turning things around, see 1 and 2 (not quite yet, but with enough spending and debt maybe)

        4. The GOP is in his way of destroying America. Grow up hippe, look at things from a diffrent angle.

        5. See 1-4 Navycook is set straight.

        Get a grip go to a mental doctor, but not Sam oh no!

        Take a Bath Hippe!

  4. navycook

    what is the current rate of our oil consumption and where are you getting this information. Please let me know. If your answer has anything to do with Al Gore then its wrong.

    1. The information is widely available from the department of energy and the society of petroleum engineers you just have to look for it…

      Current global consumption is 80 million barrels per day. (24 million in the US). Total worldwide estimated reserves (amount of oil in the ground) is 1.292 trillion barrels. Simple division gives you 44 years, but the data is about 4 years old so we have about 40 years left.

      1. Landon

        Al Gore is a hippie who has lost it, oh save the polar bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help USA we need billions of more dollars, because China is to smart to give it to us.

  5. Kim

    Not inciting violence, Glenn Beck says Obama is Hitler, how can such a comparison not incite violence? Fox News isn’t news, because Fox is more opinion. There is nothing wrong with opinion but news covering the news is a different. People are mislead and misinformed by Fox News, besides Shepard Smith from Fox News actually tells it like it is. Journalists show all sides of the story not just one. Neither left nor right, journalists provide enough information for the people, their audience to decide. They don’t tell them what to believe or do. Yet, Fox News isn’t news and should not be labeled as a legitimate new organization. Unlike other stations, Fox News organizes rallies against the government, the station ran it themselves. It was not an ad. MSNBC comments on them and disagrees with the government but doesn’t hold rallies against the government. If people want to rally against the government they can organize it themselves. Organizing rallies against the government isn’t just covering the news it’s actual involvement and taking sides. Real journalists tell both sides of the story not just one. Ohhh, MSNBC called Tea Party protesters names, boo hoo. At least they don’t organize rallies against the government and still call themselves a legitimate news network.
    “Human-induced global warming is real, according to a recent U.S. survey based on the opinions of 3,146 scientists. However the results of the investigation conducted at the end of 2008 reveal that vast majority of the Earth scientists surveyed agree that in the past 200-plus years, mean global temperatures have been rising and that human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures. “ (CNN) <<< But of course you’re not interested in reading other sources of information other than Fox News. And if you don’t believe the news then why do you take MSNBC or Fox News Word for it? Do your own homework, look at both sides of the issue then you might actually learn something. Maybe, they’re both wrong, but you would never know if you don’t look with an open mind. If you are looking to confirm your beliefs then it’s obvious that you are not an open minded thinker.

    1. Landon

      Kim, go take a bath hippie. Fox news is not radical, right winged or wrong. Even Hitler’s people say him as a great man. Why do you do the same, maybe you are the same as one of his droned Nazis expect you are an Obamazi. That makes Glenn’s statement true, or at least, worthy of listening.

      1. Landon

        Well Kristen, thank you for that kind suggestion and opinion. However the definition of stupid is “lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity” in which I do believe that someone with as little fact based slander and lies about great men in our country, I think this defines you.

        DO your own homework, look at the facts. (I know it is a new concept for most Democrats/Socialists/Liberals/Stupid People).

        Ohhh… by the way, I think you shouldnt tell me I need to proofread when you cant even capitalize your words.

        Also I will not stop talking, as stupid as the argument for the truth may sound to people like you, it will not cease to be heard from me. Grow up, telling me I am stupid is just dumb. If you liberals come on hear to denounce Glenn Beck, at least have some facts.


    its gonna be fucking halarious when global warming DOES affect us and everyone is gonna blame the idiots like you fuckers who think that the vast majority of the world scientists are wrong without any GOOD evidence…and the hottest times ever recorded are in the 2000’s ..THATS THE REAL FACT…

    1. Navycook

      Hey all you Global Warming myth followers! I have a recent 20 year long study of CO2’s effects on the Earth’s climate. Now you guys can say all you want about different scientists research on this but, if you actually look at what they did to come up with thier results it is complete guess work. Plugging numbers in to a computer and letting it predict what is going to happen in the future. Here is the website that will explain everything to you. (all you have to do is leave the bubble you are in and take a few minutes to read). This study was done by MIT professor Richard Lindzen.

  7. Landon

    I never quite understand you democrats. Let me ask this. How can the globe be warming when it is snowing in the states, and just for 1 example, it is the coldest in Beijing it has been in 50 years, explain. Secondly, why do you liberals want health care, when is is usually cheaper and usually has better service in the private sector, explain (not to mention the majority of the population doesn’t want it). Thirdly, Glenn Beck where have you idiots come up with that he is crazy, newsflash he isn’t (name one thing he has been wrong about) Please tell me why we are in debt, because correct me if i am wrong, but aren’t we in it because of mainly Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. So why on the Earth are we spending a trillion more freaking dollars of the money, you guessed it… WE DON’T FREAKING HAVE (i guess we could borrow more from China). Please tell me if I am wrong, because so far in life I haven’t been about this stuff

  8. Landon

    Just an FYI, which for you democrats, means, For, Your, Info. I am a Conservative Republican who will support Glenn Beck till my final breath.

    I have and will post on this site and if you feel I am wrong about something Please email me at i really do want to talk to you thanks

  9. Landon

    I really must say that your Color of Change webpage is a big pile of dog mess. It is all wrong and what Glenn Beck said was correct and not racist.

  10. Catherine R.

    If all you haters actually fact checked Glenn Beck, you would find that he is truthful. I love him, and think that he is a great American. Even if you disagree with Beck, you should still respect him. Personally, I disagree with President Obama, but that does not mean I’ll call him ugly names. I still respect Obama as a human being. Glenn Beck is awesome!

    1. Landon

      Thank You!!!

      Finally somebody with some sense. Obama deserves respect but when his policies, ideas, morals, and his accomplishments (developed by him, maybe Jeriamiah Wright, idk), all reflect a person with not the best intrests in mind for America, then it is his fault, this must be claer because he did this!!! (and is still doing this to my country)

  11. Deano

    Amazingly, the one who is telling others to get an education the most (llbbl) seems incapable of using the English language without using profanity. It demonstrates his level of brilliance.

    To banish ANY free speech, even the vitriol from the left wing foul mouth crowd, is dangerous for our republic. Though I disagree with what this person says, I defend his right to say it. To create an attempt to kill free speech using a petition or by any other means is the typical facsist means of the far left.

  12. Bonosmuse

    You people are so blind..

    Glenn Beck is a self centered self promoting self indulgent..very sick man…he cares only about the laughter he drums up whilst walking all the way to the bank…He needs medication and years of therapy.

    Oh did I mention racist?

    1. Landon

      That is not true, see if you did your homework you would know that isnt true. Glenn Beck is a father, a brother a husband, a grandson. He is a normal guy trying to stick up for what he believes in, the amount of persecution he gets isnt something a greedy person would take upon himself, he is a good person. Never doubt that. And the rascist joke, haha, but no. He just isnt, it is sad that to discredit him you have to pull the rascist card instead of facts.

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