HealthCare Reform

Real facts about health care reform from
Whether or not you have health insurance right now, the reforms we seek will bring stability and security that you don’t have today. -Obama

Why markets Can’t Cure Healthcare

Judging both from comments on this blog and from some of my mail, a significant number of Americans believe that the answer to our health care problems — indeed, the only answer — is to rely on the free market. Quite a few seem to believe that this view reflects the lessons of economic theory.

Healthcare as a right is a hard sell

What is it like to be sick outside of the United States? Well, if you are among the 47 million uninsured or 25 million underinsured in America, health care in capitalist democracies such as Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Great Britain or Taiwan is decidedly better than the broken system we have here.

Healthcare showdown

The real risk is that health care reform will be undermined by “centrist” Democratic senators who either prevent the passage of a bill or insist on watering down key elements of reform. I use scare quotes around “centrist,” by the way, because if the center means the position held by most Americans, the self-proclaimed centrists are in fact way out in right field.

Healthcare Truth-o-meter

Healthcare Reform Myths

The intention of the site is to provide the ammunition to help counteract the misinformation as we battle for an improved healthcare system.


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