Comment on how the Internet changes Intellectual Property

The idea is too not have to hide anything. Not to have to be underground. That is what the fight is about. For thousands of years powerful parties controlled the hearts and minds of the masses by controlling the information. They decided what we all thought, felt, and believed. They did it through religion, war, money, education, and other means.

Now with the advent of the Internet we the people of Earth are taking control of knowledge flow and information, that is what scares the elites the most, and that is why we must fight hard for a free and open Internet. Free Internet means millions will not only access truthful information, but share all kinds of culture and creativity.

The Corporations want this control and they are fighting to not only keep but increase their grip. I hope your in this fight, I hope millions of you are because its not over. This in its purest form is a battle of good and evil. On one side those that believe access to knowledge and culture is a right ahead of the rights of capitalist motives. That’s what it comes down too. Do you believe money determines everything, or do you believe all people should have open access?

Companies selling digital products must create artificial scarcity in order to create acceptable profit margins, but when it costs no more to sell 2 units then it does to sell 2 million the value can arguably be no more then that of the time invested by the artists and the associated production cost. If we eliminate gigantic corporate production power houses and level the playing field then it becomes as easy for joe nobody to sell a million albums as it is for metallica to do the same.

If we win this fight there will be no more middle man and the cost of media/information will decrease and the diversity will grow. In the end it is us, the customers and end users that win or lose as much as Corporations. The difference, is Corporations are very organized and have lots of money. We should all worship the guys and TPB and keep the fight alive. Long Live TPB! (via reddit)

great comment I thought worth saving. Spacing added by me to make it easier to read.


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