blood bar explained – elven blood, blood lust

so much for them not requiring you to invite people to play the game

This compny bends the hell out of the invite rule. I hope FB puts its foot down and make them change things.


THE BLOOD BAR is a THIN red graph line that appears directly above the words


To fill this line, you need to send 80 invitations, at any time, to these games, to people in your friends list.

Before you invite anyone, the red line will not show up. If you fill it to exactly 80, it will dissapear again.

You then recieve 3 “rewards” in each game for a TOTAL of 12, not 12 in each game. In Elven blood they are called Blessings. Blood lust, sacrifices. Etc etc.


although, when you invite people you do receive extra stamina, the BLOOD BAR is a whole separate reward, and has NOTHING to do with your stamina level or gaining more. You don’t need to be at full or low stamina, it’s COMPLETELY independant of stamina!

“maxing” the blood bar is a good FREE way to get your weapon proficiency

there are quests in these games that require “blessings” to complete

weapon proficiency in EB costs 20 blessings

**you can invite these 80 friends to play in ANY or ALL 4 of the games**

You don’t have to invite 80 people in one game. You can spread your invites to all four, and still get the rewards. You can do 10 a day in one game for 8 days and get the reward. Or any combination of adding in all games until you reach 80, and you get it. And you can do it every day if you invite all 20 ppl in all 4 games every day.


they have changed the maximum number of people you can invite in each game per day several times. Right now it is below 20 per day, meaning you CANNOT max out the blood bar from zero in one day. It will take 2 days from ZERO.

you can invite something like 60 people a “day” right now (10-20-08)

The “day” on facebook begins at midnight (12am) pacific time USA.


Invite 80ppl get 12 rewards. (3 in each game)




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