Dogs Afraid of Thunder

Helpful Tips For Dealing With A Dog Afraid Of Thunder

  • A snug fitting t-shirt seems to help a little by acting as a security blanket.
  • If your dog scratches at the walls and floors, we suggest placing dog boots on him/her during the storm.
  • For a dog scared of thunder, we recommend turning the radio and t.v. up loudly to help drown out the sound.
  • Provide a safe place for him and encourage, but don’t force your dog to go there. Since most dogs with thunderstorm phobia will look for tight quarters, a little igloo doghouse somewhere in the home (NOT OUTSIDE) can make him feel like he’s safe. Never use a crate for dogs afraid of thunder, dogs with severe thunderstorm phobia can hurt themselves trying to escape.
  • De-sensitization is a method used to introduce your dog to his fear of “thunder”. A CD of a thunderstorm is played at a low volume, then the volume is increased over time. Unfortunately, this does not always work for the severe cases of thunderstorm phobia.
  • Distract your dog and take his mind of of his fear of thunder by playing with him.
  • For a dog afraid of thunder, always use positive reinforcement and associate good things with a thunder storm. Stay calm and relaxed and reassure him that “it’s o.k.”, but do not fuss over.
  • Homeopathic Remedies include Phosphorus HPUS Pellets, Aconitum Napellus and Bach Flower.
  • For severe cases of “thunder phobia”, prescription drugs seem to be the only help. Keep in mind that these are very powerful drugs and your dogs ability to climb stairs, etc. could be impaired. Never leave him alone when he is on any form of sedative. Most veterinarians prescribe sedatives such as Acepromazine, Tranxene or Buspirone or Propanolol and Inderol which are beta-blockers.

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