How to make 10,000 gold in a month

How to make 10,000 gold in a month – WOW Insider
Start in Shatt. Collect the five solo dailies. Fly to Nagrand, use the goggles six times. Fly to Netherstorm, do Sunfury. Fly to Bashir’s Landing. Fly to Ogri’la, and do those four quests. Use the free flight to Allerian. Fly up to Skettis, do the bombing run and Prisoner. Fly back to Shatt. Griffon to Shatter Point. Do the two quests at the Throne.

Of course, you should have your hearth in Shatt and use it when it’s available. But if you’re a mage, keep your hearth in Area 52 to save a heckuva lot of time.

Somewhere in there will be able to do any of the Fishing or Cooking quests with the exception of the Crocodile fishing quest, which’ll take you a little extra travel time. 11 down.

Total time: if the above took you longer than 1:15, you’re doing something very wrong. And if you’re a mage, you should be able to do it even faster.

Next, fly back to Shat, turn in your quests. Take the portal to Quel’Danas. Pick up the dailies. Do them in the following order:

Mana Remains/Robots/Bloodberries
Killing elves/first ley line
Killing demons/second ley line
(Use the mana remains on a crystal on your way to the Naga area.)
Darkspine keys/Murloc orbs/third ley line
Ride back and do the two flying quests

Then turn in and get the teleport scroll. Port back to Shatt. Fly out and do the razorthorn roots. Fly back to Shatt. Take the flight to SMV to get the Armaments. Fly to the old Netherwing quests. Pick up the Booterang quest and spend the five minutes it takes to do it. Fly back to Shatt. Turn in every quest. 25 down.

2.5 hours, unless you’re a prot warrior, healing class or, well, incompetent. Less if you’re a mage and you can port all over the place. Even less if you group up for the combat quests.


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