Why the Judicial Branch is Ineffective

They aren’t partial. They are republican biased and republican controlled. Yes that means that before Democrats controlled the Majority in Congress, Bush controlled all three branches of our government. No wonder it seemed like we were slipping into Fascism, right?

It is no surprise that the Judicial Branch is going to support whatever GWB says, when 78% of them are Republican and 45% were nominated by GWB. That is why they have failed to do anything about Bush’s support of Torture, Bush’s Illegal Domestic Surveillance, Net Neutrality, Internet Radio, Copyright Reform, Firing of US Attorneys and of course his endless Iraq war.

Republican Nominated Justices

  1. John G. Roberts (Chief Justice – GWB)
  2. John Paul Stevens
  3. Antonin Scalia
  4. Anthony Kennedy
  5. David Hackett Souter (GWB)
  6. Clarence Thomas (GWB)
  7. Samuel Alito (GWB)
  8. Sandra Day O’Connor (Retired)

Democratic Nominated Justices

  1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  2. Stephen Breyer

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